Multi Facility Academic Complex for Al-Ameen Mission Trust

Built up Area: 24000
Project Cost: 50 crores
Expected to be completed in 2022

Centre of Excellence for ICSI

Built up Area: 1050 sq. mt.
Project Cost: 18 crores
Expected to be completed in 2022

The Academy of Engineering & Management Trust

Built up Area: 4645 sqmt.
Project Cost: 6.5 crores
Completed in 2009 (upto Statutory approval & DPR approval)

Central Animal House

Built up Area: 1300 sqmt
Project Cost: 4 crores
Completed in 2015

Gobardanga Town Hall [500 capacity Auditorium]

Built up Area: 1600 sqmt.
Project Cost: 4.5 crores
Expected To Be Completed in 2018

Sayedullah Bijay Bhaban [Office Building]

Built up Area: 2000 sqmt.
Project Cost: 1.5 crores
Completed in 2009

Netaji Sadhan: 600 Capacity Auditorium

Built up Area: 0.3 Acre
Project Cost: 5 crores
Completed in 2015 (upto statutury approval & DPR approval)

Galsi Mahavidyalaya

Built up Area: 1500 sqmt
Project Cost: 2 crores
Completed in 2011